double-ovenWood Stove Repairs offers a complete service (not just chimney sweeps). We have the knowledge to fix any wood fired problems. We stock a variety of parts for repairs and restorations. Antique stove restoration is our specialty. We are in fact an authority in wood stoves.

We offer free inspection reports, and are agents for Stove Bright high temp paint and sell their retail products. We also sell new and reconditioned wood stoves, heaters, pot-belly’s and are fully insured for installations etc. etc. We service areas in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. I am able to travel to other areas subject to negotiation.

We offer free inspection reports i.e. a thorough top to bottom inspection (written report and certify safe or not), this includes going into the ceiling/roof etc. Any issues are identified and a quote is given. We carry  most parts necessary and can fix 90% of all jobs on the spot.

Nowhere is there a one stop shop that can make, supply, detail and repair your stove /heater at your home. We only remove and fix off site if absolutely necessary. Chimney fires are a regular occurrence. Regular maintenance will increase the safety and efficiency of the unit, burn hotter,  use less wood and burn cleaner, which is good for the environment.

Your satisfaction as a client is our top priority.

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